Karate for kids

work hard, focus and have lots of fun

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Karate kid martial arts dubai

Approved by UAE Taekwondo & Karate Federation and Ministry of Youth & Sports.
Recognized by Japan Shotokan Karate Association (JSKA)

Fitness is all about maintaining a healthy physique along with a healthy mind. It can be attained only through sheer dedication and training. Finding a short cut for it through machines and medicines cannot...

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Our Trainers

  • Sensei C.V Usman

    4th DAN Black Belt from World union of Karate-Do Federation 4th DAN from Japan Karate International, Miami ,USA 4th DAN from UAE Taekwondo & Karate Federation Versatile, enthusiastic and highly flexible, C.V...

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  • Nafih Usman C.V

      Awarded 1st DAN Black Belt Shotokan, 2nd DAN Black Belt Bodokan and Bodokan International Champion for the year 2010 (Junior). He has been awarded 1st with excellent performance in state and...

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Info Board

  • Marwa Umar

    The club is well equipped. The examination pattern is also fair and strict. The trainers give personal attention, approachable, very skilled in their respective fields. I enjoy Kung fu and would recommend it to everyone. Kung fu is good defense mechanism and makes one strong.

  • Deepak Tyagi

    My son Krishna Tyagi is growing up with Karate Kid for more than a year now & he has become moreconcentrated on his wprk. Whatever he does enjoys a lot at Karate Kid & does’nt want to miss any  classes, he even prefers staying back in summer vacation so that he can go to Karate Kid regularly.

  • Kayed Badri

    My 8yrs old son enjoys going to Karate Kid more for fun and his friends. He loves to d karate. He has become more disciplined and sharp.

  • Hazel Libo-on

    My two children, Heyden & Caleb, enjoy going to karate class here. They’re learned discipline, strength,respect, obedience & patience the past few monhs. We are very impressed with their karate teacher & would recommend their classes to everyone.

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Wall of fame

waloffame SANDRA SANDRA (age 13)Black Belt-SHODAN